Selasa, 01 September 2009

History of IT in the Faculty of Law UNTAN

Since 2004 the Faculty of Law UNTAN, already has facilities & infrastructure, computer networks connected to the Internet. This was independent of IT systems (information technology). Starting from an existing computer in the lab. computer courses for activities that have 30 units of computer networks that have been integrated with the Internet. Then after that, expanded back to a special room internet usage for lecturers & students with 10 computers. In addition, each work in the room - each section, starting to install based computer network Internet. All that will be connected to the UPT. With the Media Center Radio System installed in tower Around the beginning of 2007, began unit academic-based computer fitted Academic System On-line (SIAKAD). At this time, the connection system used was slightly better, namely with Fiber Optic Cable System. With these systems, network connectivity will be more stable than the radio system. That is, "Lost Data" will be in-minimal. With the new system (SIAKAD Online), so that all use a single system, now accessible online, both in terms of users (all of the Student / Lecturer), or time, can be accessed at any time during 24 hours. From the Academic Section will shift from SINAS to SIAKAD, then at that time operating the program SIAKAD academic SINAS operators assisted by the Administrator (Operator As). And at the time of service using a centralized temporary space in front of the dean. At the same time to access the Internet network can be done with Hotspot, which originally had only 1 point, which is placed in the center / (Dean Dean Room). The aim of using temporary operator is: that the old system still running, while the new system can adapt to conditions in the field. Accordingly, previous SIAKAD program has been adopted several years earlier at the Faculty of Economics, Mathematics, and FKIP. This is intended as a Pilot Project UNTAN. After walking a few years, which has considered the program can be adapted, then returned to the Academic Section as the main authority. And from then on, around the beginning of the year 2008 the service moved in after the renovation of academic almost across the room at the Faculty of Law UNTAN, including the creation of Academic Special Service Counters. To be able to access data such as who gets academic with regard to VALUE, then in addition to operator SIAKAD (Lecturer / student) can use the online PC, Notebook, HP's WiFi support. Besides the required data can be done with SMS via HP Systems anything. In addition, another part of the system also began to apply Online, for example, Section Alumni & Student Affairs: to access scholarships, Section of Human Resources: for Absenteeism online. Another part of future plans, such as Finance & Library, also will apply the same system. What is clear to access the Academic Database, then it is the MAIN KEY to "healthy" conditions of his computer server in UPT. Center UNTAN (that in fact the tip of spear Data). This means that, even in the internal under normal conditions, if the intended "interference", then the data can not be accessed. Well, now of the Faculty is providing a solution, a "Re-Structuring System" in all new point. Therefore, a team of UNTAN was trusted to help you manage it all. Faculty parties hoped, that after the "Repeat Arrangement System" a new, could walk better and there is no problem - the problem. Currently in the Faculty of Law UNTAN, there are 2 internet line, namely: Line DIKTI (As long as it runs) Line MKRI (computer server was in the Video Conference) Since late 2008, the Faculty of Law UNTAN have access to the Constitutional Court of Indonesia to the Online System. MKRI breakthrough IT systems to facilitate the function of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, with 34 cooperating to the Faculty of Law throughout Indonesia. With this system, then we can do: Meeting, General Lecture, Distance & Reportase online all these points with a very low cost. On the line, MKRI provide internet facility is also for 24 hours. Only this time a new use for the purposes of the room ViCon only & not using Access Point System. In addition to providing information that area - the extent to us all, beginning in 2009 has been launched UNTAN Faculty of Law blog, the blog address Here we can also provide the news - Actual news is always updated every day, polls, website links, etc.. If you want to join can immediately comment on the news that you choose. In addition you can also enter the news to your blog to the editor or can also fill their own if already registered. That's IT development in the Faculty of Law UNTAN until now, hopefully to the future it may go well & smoothly and done Proportional & Professional. We hope that the facilities & existing infrastructure that can be utilized optimally.
If there SUGGESTIONS / QUESTIONS about IT, you can contact directly to:
  • Mr. H. AGUS UTOMO: HP. 081511117104 (Part UNTAN FH Academic Network)

  • Mr. MUANUDIN, ST: HP. 9114136 / 08125635871 (UPT Network section. Puskom UNTAN)

  • Mr. MUH. RAHMADI, ST (ROI) / SIRHAN: HP. 081345221511 (Part SIAKAD Program, SIMALUM, SINAGA)

  • Mrs. SITI NUR AZIZUL, ST: HP. 0561 7560436 (SMS Academic Section)